Get Your Life Back On Track with a DUI Lawyer

Get Your Life Back On Track with a DUI Lawyer

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If you've been charged with DUI in Charleston, South Carolina, you're probably a little worried about what to do next. Let an experienced DWI attorney help you. Barrett Law Center offers top-notch DUI defense for clients in the Charleston, SC area.

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Trust a DWI attorney who understands the ins and outs of the law

I take on all kinds of DUI cases in Charleston, SC. I will put my experience to work toward the goal of reducing your charges and preventing a DUI from negatively affecting your life.

I attended and passed the 24-hour standard field sobriety test course that law enforcement officers must attend before they can charge someone with DUI. This course covers things like:

  • What an officer should look for before stopping someone
  • Cues police may perceive upon initial contact with you
  • Medical checks necessary to perform prior to administering the field sobriety test
  • Standards that must be met in order to conduct the field sobriety test
  • How to write an incident report properly

This experience makes it possible for me to tell when police haven't conducted the field sobriety test properly. I'm also a member of The National College for DUI Defense.

Learn more about my experience and dedication to my clients by calling the Barrett Law Center today.